Growth Starter Package

Looking to make an explosive impact with your Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the #1 activity for growing your business FAST and is the most cost-effective & efficient way of reaching your targeted customers.


The process of marketing your business can be daunting.
Where to start?
Why should I invest in this?
How much time will this take to do this right?
At MobiBiz, we are experts in developing & managing your social media presence with the goal of helping you achieve your business goals.

What you invest into your marketing should bring back prosperous returns!

Most of all, we take care of all the work and provide you with consistent updates!
In the Growth Starter Package, we would perform the following:
  • One Hour Consultation to learn about your business goals and develop a strategy to market your business.


  • Develop your social media presence, creating multiple custom graphics with the goal of branding you as the expert in your industry.


  • Develop your target audience and test different objective metrics with highly-targeted ads to ensure that your content is performing well on your social media platform.


  • Report analytics to show you what works, what doesn’t work, and what you should do moving forward to better market your company and achieve your business goals.

Growth Starter Package starts only at $500 / month

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